The Blind Girl

Here is a story that you will like about a 11 year old Girl who was named Ella Light was blind when she was two years old and her father tell that her mother died in a car crash when she was born but that wasn’t true and her father didn’t care about so she just came homeless for run away from home and she felt good and Someone give her new special glasses to see her vision better and one thing she and her Father didn’t that after she says i wish that she billion and she started cry money and her and her new friends was billion teenager but they didn’t know that her father went to jail for murder his wife and child abuse his own daughter for 20 years in jail and she crying money in her eyes and she have power that make her billion in one wish that change their life forever from her hair and her dream come true by become a billion in one day.

There was a ll years old girl was blind very poor and named Ella Light and her father treat her badly call her bad names and abuse her but she didn’t like that so she pack her stuff run away from home and her father didn’t care and he was deep sleep but she have nowhere go and only have $50.00 lefts and she say’’ i will buy myself a nice two hamburger with apple juices to go so after she went to bed and next morning she did this.

So She went back home and took $ 300.00 and more to go and rent a publish school and a rent apartment and first day school Emma sister was bullying Ella and Emily say’’ look her come the owl girl and Emma her friend Emylee say’’ leave the new girl you big bully plus you got bad grades go study more than party when Emily says ‘’ not funny sister and she so not cute than me with her dumb glasses and she so blind that she need glasses so ugly and then Emily left with her minions laugh at her and they went to Emma say’’ hey do you want to be my friends and love your pink glasses and Ella says sure i will be your friends and who is that girl and Emylee says that Emma sister Emily is a bully and we have to go bye and Ella says’’okay bye maybe we can hangout and Emylee says’’ sure you can join us in a party at my house and don’t someone let’s trash your dreams and Ella said i won’t and thank you for everything.

She went to the party with snacks and they said love the glasses and the cute clothes and Ella says can i tell you guys tell something i-i’m blind and someone give me these to see my vision and Emylee say’’ sorry that was me and i’m really happy for you and we know that you run away from and rent apartment for yourself and we are happy if you will join us and Emma mom says yeah she can stay with us and we adopt her too and Ella started crying money out of her eyes and everyone was surprise about that a cool superpower and Ella said cool yes will join you and please adopt me and i won’t stay with my father plus i have more superpower from my body and Emily said ugh sure she can stay but don’t come in my room or talk to me and Ella yes i will won’t do nothing and i’m really tired goodnight see you in the morning . Everyone’s say goodnight to Ella and went to bed

In the morning they ate breakfast and went to school and Emily walking with her minion and her friends says hey everyone if you make friends with her and you will come blind like her and Everyone listen her but not Emma and Emylee and they are really nice to her so she stay with her new friends but Ella says i wish that we was billion and we did whatever we want and they said that will be nice for once and but we don’t have power and some thing magic came down from Ella hair and everyone was Amazing that soon Ella and her friends was billion while Emily was not and of Emily her minion ran to Ella and her friends and join her group and Emily says why i did be mean to Ella the first place.

Here someone facts about the character

ELLA Father went to jail for murder and child abusing his own family for 20 years in jail

Now Ella was 20 years old and got married to Ein Light with two kids and a dog,plus a big House and business but still have powers and her friends

Emma and Emylee are 19 year old and they have the best life ever and they have the same thing that Ella had and Emily was homeless and Emma is taking care of her.

Ella mother died when she was born and her father kill her mother by beat her to death.

The Final thing

Lesson Learn : lesson and learn is that don’t be mean to people to someone and don’t someone let’s trash your dreams.



Hi i’m Mya Jones and i will love writing story about drama and crimes and relationship and i hope you like my story byee

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Hi i’m Mya Jones and i will love writing story about drama and crimes and relationship and i hope you like my story byee