The Girl with gold hair

There was little girl name Amelia smith and she love to do Tik-Tok and and hangout with her friends named Bella Brown but she didn’t like her family that made her angry but she was popular back them.

But She have change school and it was sad but she says that’’ ugh why I can’t stay in my old school’’ but her mother said’’ you have understand why we have move to another school and her mother was trying to steal all of saving money from Ameila call police and her mother went to jail .

Amelia and Bella went to a new school but she didn’t won’t to see her Amelia again so she ran to her new friends and one friends said who is that Bella and Bella said ‘’ oh this weirdo i don’t know who is this bye loser and Amelia says’’ i’m your friends you know that and Bella say’s oh i said go loser and leave us .

At Home Amelia ran upstairs and slam the door and she didn’t know why she is act like that and why she being like that and so she went to do all chore when to bed and she dream become a model one day.

When she went to the bathroom and look into the mirror and she saw her hair change to gold hair and she started to screaming and crying and say’’ why this happen to my hair and my hair goes to brown then gold oh okay maybe i can wear a wig on my brown hair .

At school one of the boy was riding the bike and pull the wig off Amelia hair and everyone saw her hair and Amelia said oh god everyone going to looking at me wait oh a model women business walk to me.

Hi I’m Emily fox and your hair nice and will you like to join my model business and we will pay you a-lot of money and i can post on face-book for you and Amelia says’’ yeah sure i guess so and Emily, Amelia went to her model go ready and soon when take a picture and post it and the post went blow up on face-book like million people love her photo and then Bella saw it .

5 years later Amelia smith was a model business and billion women and with big house and two kids name Amber,Ava and she love them so much that she made a youtube chancel with two dog plus a model when they grow up.

Bella and friend when to jail for 12 year in robing and scam people .

Amelia mother went to women jail for 19 years in scam people and stealing people stuff .




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Hi i’m Mya Jones and i will love writing story about drama and crimes and relationship and i hope you like my story byee