The kidnapped story

This book is crazy please try read this story on about when Megan her sister and her five children and Jessica daughter Mallory when they got home jack realized that someone was missing and something was missing then they find them and then once they finally realize that their Scott and Kyle has been kidnapped and they been robing bank and steal money from to people account and put in their own account jail for 5 year and jack and his two brother got out in March 3 1992 and for Revenge for Jack and his girlfriend and his brother and please give me 1,564 cap and follow me thank you

Chapter one the Megan and her five daughter is moving to new Brooklyn city .

Five month ago a woman named Megan William Jones she have a five daughter named Taylor and Scott,Kyle, Sarah Gabriel said that oh yeah and she was talk to her friend named is Jessica Ellen Jones and her friend is Jasmine said that place order and i order a few things that I need for my daughter Mallory Ann Marie and get ready for bed soon Mallory said that they I’m going with grab a bite to eat before bed earlier tonight

They are all when to the Townsend Harris in college school and the as open the school one teacher Mr. Kevin said welcome to the Townsend Harris [college school and Sarah said it this safe school and what I am grade and my sister than Mr. Kevin said listen your grade is 9th grade and your sister is 8th grade

Taylor and Gabriel with her boyfriend said that he was coming but we have to go shopping tomorrow at morning right before school ending and Jessica said that go in spying on them because they are lying to me and Megan said yeah but I don’t trust them going somewhere else but I put a tracker in Taylor backpack next her money for going out with her boyfriend and tracker her phone at the Walmart with her boyfriend and then she leave the Walmart with her friend and her boyfriend

Scott was walking with Kyle her little sister and than two boy a came up and kidnapped Scott and Kyle was crying and crying and Scott said be quiet I’m called the police and get out here and Kyle said wait don’t called the police because I know one boy said to me that he coming to see you again soon

when Jessica in car with Mallory ask before we go home can we stop at Walmart for food and Christian said okay we don’t have little bite of food so yeah we should go to Walmart but Megan text her says where Scott and Kyle and they been kidnapped by two boy named Jacob and Kevin and his brother Noah they was rob bank and kidnapped kids for money

They were scared In-N-Out there was crying but then Gabriel say anything to them because they was no one else but it was Noah from the robing bank account number to reach me probably but when they were sleeping with the have two kids are Kyle and Scott were sleeping in a car with three brother but they were like that one time when Mary and Mallory were thinking about going to Megan house for dinner tonight and Gabriel said I hope they are okay with Jack, Nancy and his two brother

Then they stay together and Sarah said that oh guys someone is at the door and Megan said oh no no and Sarah what think about something Jessica said I disagree what you say wait are you coming out to the door hide in the basement can I say come out okay Taylor say okay I do it for you and for my sister but if you die I told you I love you okay Sarah say me too I’m going to miss you if you die

Jessica open the door and she said hello it was a little girl the crying about something is a scratch on her face did she say hello help help me Megan said what’s your name and the little girl said Melissa Anna Maria and Kyle said to Scott were sleeping in the bathroom with me probably and Jack said wake up early because we have to go

When Megan ask Melissa that do you want to sleep where and Melissa said can i sleep with Sarah and Gabriel please plus i’m three year old and Jessica said oh right you can sleep with them but i put camera everywhere in the house no one killed us now go in Sarah and Gabriel room and tell them to make room for you okay and Melissa said to both of them that your mother said you have to make room from please and Gabriel said you can stay with me but stay away from Sara is very bad Melissa say thank you for telling me about that

Melissa was crying about her mom and dad when Melissa said me and my mom and dad and my three year old sister were in a car accident because mom was drive so fast that the car got hit in a different direction when car drop in the rock i was bleed and my sister was alive but can you please find my little sister and her named Anna Maria but my mom and dad were dead in the car was gone in the water and I swim to the Bronx city.

One Day Megan got a call about Melissa say’’ hello who is this ’’ and the cops says’’ we find Melissa little sister and can you pick her please when you have a change and Megan says’’ okay i will pick her up with her sister bye ‘’and Melissa says they find my sister plus we going get her but Melissa say’’ yes they find your sister and they went to police station to find Anna says’’ sis i’m miss you so much please don’t leave me anything more.

when it was Kyle said to Scott we need to called the police because we been kidnapped you understand and Kyle said hide the phone and put in the wall stay there they gone you do understand me and Gabriel said so and Melissa said wait i need you to keep a secret please and Gabriel and Sarah they both said yes so show your secret and Melissa said this my secret game room

Jessica said that hey guys i’m coming so in five more minutes and clean up your mess and Gabriel said what we going to do and Melissa said follow me and let go back my secret my room you can stay with me and Gabriel said wait i text me and Sarah mom that i am spend at my friend house

We were wondering because Gabriel said it anymore but if not then maybe we can go somewhere else than and Melissa said I have a secret house next door and I’m a is something that I never said tell you but I’m spy oh no that’s not classic reason people die bad but I put them in cake in jail help young picture of you and my friend can be a good day

But when they was the kidnapped was bleed from the arm of pain and when they have to get down car to bleed and meanwhile and Kyle was so scary of the kidnap said hello its time to make you one of us now and Gabriel said hey we are hungry and we going with you so bye and they went run faster faster but kidnapped said wait come back but Kyle said NO WAY AND WE ARE FREE NOW FROM YOU GUY GOODBYE AND they went in the car and but kidnapped they caught and put in jail for rest of their life.

They were happy to see their family again and Melisa said wow you guys are back guys come downstairs they back and Taylor Scott Sarah Jessica was happy to see them but kyle was No memory and kidnapped give to become bad girl.End



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Hi i’m Mya Jones and i will love writing story about drama and crimes and relationship and i hope you like my story byee